The Labyrinth of Flame

My Kickstarter for The Labyrinth of Flame was a huge success! I'm thrilled that I can bring you trade paperback and ebook editions that are fully as beautiful and professional in quality as the first two novels in the series. Plus, Labyrinth of Flame includes five interior illustrations from artist Kristina Carroll.

Update as of 2/20/16: The 526-page illustrated physical edition is now available to buy at Seattle Book Company and Amazon. (Seattle Book Company gives me a better percentage, if that matters to you, and they ship internationally.) The ebook is available at all major online retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes.

The Labyrinth of Flame

Dev's never been a man afraid of a challenge. Not only has he kept his vow to his dead mentor, rescuing a child in the face of impossible odds, but he's freed his mage friend Kiran from both the sadistic master who seeks to enslave him and the foreign Council that wants to kill him.

But Kiran's master Ruslan is planning a brutal revenge, one that will raze an entire country to blood and ashes. Kiran is the key to stopping Ruslan; yet Kiran is dying by inches, victim of the Alathian Council's attempt to chain him. Worse yet, Dev and Kiran have drawn the attention of demons from the darkest of ancient legends. Demons whose power Dev knows is all too real, and that he has every reason to fear.

A fear that grows, as he and Kiran struggle to outmaneuver Ruslan and uncover the secrets locked in Kiran's forgotten childhood. For the demons are playing their own deadly game - and the price of survival may be too terrible to bear.

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Has it been a while since you read the previous books in the series, and you'd like a little refresher? Here is a Summary/Synopsis of The Whitefire Crossing and a Summary/Synopsis of The Tainted City. (Watch out if you haven't yet read the books, as the summaries are chock-full of spoilers!)

Reviews and Awards

Winner of the r/Fantasy "Stabby" Award for "Best Self-published/Independent Novel of 2015"

"The ending of The Labyrinth of Flame is quite possibly the most satisfying ending to a series I've ever read."
--Bibliotropic (Read the full review)

"It is truly one of those series with a little something for everyone; a bloody dark setting, world shaking events driving the plot, and a whole lot of heart."
--Nathan Barnhart at the Speculative Herald (Read the full review)

"Strong central characters, inventive worldbuilding, satisfying conclusion."
--Paul Weimer at SF Signal (Read the full review)

#5 on Fantasy Book Critic's Top Reads of 2015: "...this book is just SPECTACULAR...Make sure that this is one book that you do read if you don't plan to read anything else."